More and more companies are relying on payroll preparation services to shoulder the administrative burden of paying employees. Outsourcing payroll isn’t just a relief—but it’s also a smart business decision. Businesses of all sizes are recognizing the value of outsourcing the payroll to an external preparation service.

Every pay period – Simply report your payroll hours and any changes via telephone, fax, or email in a simple 3 to 4 minute routine call. We provide information regarding federal and state withholding taxes, complete and ready within minutes.

Every Deposit Period – You will be notified of all required federal, state and local payroll tax deposits, including the tax deposit amount and the due date. This assures you of no missed deadlines and no penalties.

On a quarterly basis – Four times a year, we prepare the actual government returns ready for your signature:

Once a year – We prepare W-2’s, 940 unemployment insurance return, W-3 Transmittal Statement